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You’ve reached the home of the Decker Game Company, developers and publishers of Cold Steel and Canister Napoleonic miniature war gaming rules.


As of 2013 CS&C is out of print and we have been unable to re-stock any resellers as all copies of the first three print runs have been sold.

WHY???  Don Perrin (our original printer) did an exceptional job accommodating the many special items we have in the game.  In attempting to meet these same requirements the price almost DOUBLES.  We did not think there was a market for set of rules at close at over $80 a copy...

Will you re-publish???  It is possible.  Re-formatting the rules in a manner that would make printing cost effective would take a minor re-write of some areas and 100s of hours of re-formatting.  At this point we have not taken this task on...

At this site you can:

- Preview Cold Steel and Canister

- Look up questions in the CS&C FAQ

- Submit questions or comments for the developers

- Download Extras for CS&C

- See at which conventions designers will be hosting games

- Follow a link to a store near you with CS&C

- Retailers may request information on stocking CS&C

So What is Cold Steel and Canister? - CLICK HERE for a designers summary!

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