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All CS&C Downloads are provided in PDF format.  You will need Adobe’s PDF reader to open and print.  This is available FREE from Adobe

Adobe Reader Link

Out of Print items for current game owners

For the following items you will need to obtain the noted sticker sheets or print on a full page sheet, without pre-cut areas, such as Avery Full Page Label (#5353) and then cut out the items needed individually.  If using one of the specialized labels sets be sure you run a "register" print first (will a much less expensive plain piece of paper) to be sure your printer lines up with the pre-cut areas!

Using pre-cut label sheets (xxx):  Order Cubes   Morale Cubes   You can usually find 1/2" wooden cubes at craft stores such as JoAnn Fabric, Hobby Lobby, Michaels or on-line.

Using pre-cut label sheet (xxx):  Objective Disks - Mixed (French, Austrian, English, Russian), Order/Out of Command Disks    You can usually find 1" wooden disks at craft stores such as JoAnn Fabric, Hobby Lobby, Michaels or on-line.  Poker chips could also work for these markers.

Using legal size paper:  Chart 1    Chart 2    Chart 3     Chart 4   

In the printed game 1 & 2 are front/back and 3 & 4 are front/back.

Rules: PDF - best printed in color

(Download links coming...Sept 2015)

Optional Troop Grades and Unit sizes (1:60) for the full range of the Napoleonic period.  Troop Chart           As noted in the rules...your opinion counts here, if you disagree with our ratings feel free to use what you believe should apply to your specific scenario or time frame!

Correction to Scenario Book #1, Scenario #3

“Where Heroes Dwell” - Wargram, 5 July 1809

There is an error in the Order of Battle for this scenario in our first printing making it unplayable.  You can download a new full color page below.  If you own one of these first print run copies we will also replace your scenario book free of charge if you prefer.  Send us an e-mail, note when and where you purchased CS &C, include your address and we will mail you a replacement.

Download a replacement page 

Right Click—”Save Link As..” senario3.pdf   After downloading, open and print from Adobe Reader

Grid Numbers and Letters

The file below contains four color pages of numbers and letters done by Eric Hotz for use with CS&C maps so you can line your battlefield in high style!  We recommend mounting them on 40mm square Litco or other stands for a truly professional look.  Thank you Eric!!!

Grid Numbers and Letters

Right Click—”Save Link As..” decker_grid.pdf   After downloading, open and print from Adobe Reader

Charts for 1:120 and 1:30 or 40 Ratios

The files below are conversions to combat/melee numbers needed to play at 1:120 or 1:30 or 40 scale (base rules are setup for 1:60).  Using these charts should keep your morale and casualty numbers in line with the ratio of figures in play.

1:120 =             Chart 1     Chart 2     Chart 3     Chart 4

1:30 or 40 =      Chart 1     Chart 2     Chart 3     Chart 4

Right Click—”Save Link As..” Chart#_(ratio).pdf   After downloading, open and print from Adobe Reader

Optional Rules

The links below are optional rules which players may wish to incorporate into their CS&C games.  If you have an idea or “house” rule you’ve added to your games send it in!

Leadership Rates:  Allows you to rate your leaders with up to five capability ratings which influence your leaders abilities.

Leadership Rules

Historical Leadership Rating Chart

Random Leadership Rating Chart


Right Click—”Save Link As..” (NAME).pdf   After downloading, open from Adobe Reader

Additional (may be available) downloads on the Yahoo Discussion Group

Rules Errata (Corrections - Omissions - Fopaus)

Battlefield Terrain tips (coming...)

Rough draft of generic troop types and cost (coming...)