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Cold Steel & Canister - Errata

Correction to Scenario Book #1, Scenario #3

“Where Heroes Dwell” - Wargram, 5 July 1809

There is an error in the Order of Battle for this scenario in our first printing making it unplayable.  You can download a new full color page below.  If you own one of these first print run copies we will also replace your scenario book free of charge if you prefer.  Send us an e-mail, note when and where you purchased CS &C, include your address and we will mail you a replacement.


Correction to Austrian Insert (v1.0 (no #) and v1.1 Printings (#1.1 on Scenario Book))


 The correct casting size (60:1) for an Austrian Grenadier Battalion is "12" castings, as noted.  HOWEVER - you will see under the Battalion Size area we've noted "6" stands with "3" per stand, even in the new modern math that = 18 not 12.  The correct entry under Battalion Size should be "4" stands with "3" per stand for a total of 12 Figures.

Thank you to Mick from England for helping us find this error!!!