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Basing Your Figures

Mounting your forces is a key decisions reflecting the type of games you intend to play.

One of the most critical decisions you will make about your miniatures early on is how you choose to base them.  While you can use most any basing systems with Cold Steel and Canister you will want to retain flexibility to play other systems (at least until you assimilate all your friends into the Cold Steel and Canister collective…).

In determining basing there are two key questions:

What troop ratio are you going to use?

What organizational level are you going to play?

As a group we have settled pretty much on 60:1.  This ratio has made popular by Empire Presses “Empire” Napoleonic rules and others over many, many years in print and use on gaming tables.  With this ratio a large period Battalion with 1000 effectives has 16 figures, a more typical 700 man unit would have 12.  Cavalry squadrons would have two figures with Regiments composed of 2 to 6 squadrons (4 to 12 figures).

Examples of figures based at 60-1

Organization is really driven by the rules you are going to use.  Cold Steel and Canister is a Brigade level simulation.  Some sets are more Battalion level (more detail with a focus on lower level action) others Division or Corps (lower detail with a high command level simulation).  CS&C splits the difference between a tactical and strategic focus on the action, providing an “operational” level simulation.  At the operational level your focus tends to be at the Brigade level, where Battalions are the smallest unit of action.  Within the CS&C rules, as with most other Operational level Napoleonic simulations you want to retain any special Battalion capabilities.  As such your organizational basing should allow special companies to be called out, skirmishers from line units and deployment by companies for light Battalions are two examples of this.  You do not need to be concerned about deploying individual line companies of the Battalion other than to clearly represent the Battalions formation.  As with ratios you will find this philosophy fits well with most popular operational level simulations as represented by Empire and many other rules sets.

Example CS&C Organization (From the CS&C Austrian Handbook)