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So you’ve made the leap and are looking to invest in and field a Napoleonic miniatures force.  Where do you start?

The key question with figures is "what scale"?

Scale ranges from 6mm to 54mm with 15's and 25's likely being the most popular.  The larger the scale, the bigger your wallet will need to be to field substantial forces.  This is also true with detail, the larger the scale the greater the detail your figures will display.  Another significant factor is, "what is popular in your gaming area".  Few of us can afford to field substantial numbers of figures for all sides.  Individuals within local gaming groups tend to specialize in nationalities.  I do Russian and French Allied, Jack has Austrians and French, Bob - well Bob's a bit different he has a bit of everything.  If you're just getting starting see what scale your local groups play, that will make it easier for you to jump in quickly with a small force and build over time!

As gamers we have been fortunate in the “re-birth” of miniature casting.  The market is currently supporting a fair number of large companies as well as a number of boutique miniature manufacturers.  This diversity has resulted in many unique offerings not available just five or ten years ago.  You can find retail sources for these products at many web sites and hobby stores.

The Last Square-Large Napoleonic selection, lots of other stuff, great art selection.  Madison WI, attends most Midwest Conventions.

Royal Hobby-Some Napoleonics, lots of other stuff, 3920 E. State St., Rockford IL (no web site found)

Games Plus - Some Napoleonics, good supply of terrain, dice, magazines.  NW Chicago burbs, attends some Midwest Conventions.

Venture Hobbies—Plastic 1/35 & 1/72 only, good supply of Scenics Terrain.  NW Chicago burbs

War Web-Wide Variety

Legends in Time– Lots of great stuff and some truly unique items

Webster Enterprises —US distributor of hard to find Naismith Figures and others

While not an exhaustive list by any means these are all web sites or retailers the members of Decker Games and gamers from groups we’ve been associated with have provided first hand recommendations as having knowledge staff, great product, and good service.   You can always find good supplier source information in periodicals such as MWAN.

All miniatures are not created equal.  However within manufactures lines they tend to share similar characteristics.  Rather than recreate the excellent work done by a fellow gamer below is a link to his site.  “Deep Fried Happy Mice” Here you will find a number of fine reviews of various manufactures and keen insight into scales (15mm specifically).  Both highly informative and entertaining reading!

The miniatures you see pictured within CS&C and on this web site area all 15mm

 If you are a retailer and would like to see your site listed here please e-mail us!