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Painting Your Minatures

There are as many painting techniques as there are miniatures manufacturers.  Those who paint tend to find one they are comfortable with and stick with it.  Below are some resources on various painting techniques.  Experiment and choose one that fits you the best.

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One consist point to support your production is paint by “unit”.  This helps provide consistency in how your units look and can also reduce those dauntingly large piles of unpainted lead to achievable goals of smaller units of work. 

There are a great many resources for painting guides.  A few on line sources are noted on our “Related Links” page.  Osprey, Nafzinger, Empire Press, are three sources of excellent information to help you paint your troops.

An alternative is using a professional painter or painting service.  A quick search of the web & ebay will turn up a number of options.  Within our group both Jack and Bob are exceptional painters able to turn out both quality and quantity while I am, well, a pathetic figure painter.  I'll tackle small jobs that don't require much detail.  For large numbers of figures or ones that I would like to truly stand out I will use a service.  Two I can recommend are:

Scott Morris - Scott paints in the Chicago area, he does not maintain a web site or regular e-mail I am aware of.   His work is exceptional.

Robert Bowling - Robert is on our Link page.  His work is very good.