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Playing Historical Miniatures

If you are new to the gaming hobby or just new to miniatures, welcome!  There is something unique and rewarding when you field a unit of miniatures onto a three dimensional battlefield.  Whether you have the time and artistic talent to paint your own units, buy pre-painted, or commission the painting of some or all of your forces when they are lovingly removed from the carry case and deployed onto the table there is always a sense of Espirit de corps.   If you’ve been a board or computer gamer in the past you will also likely welcome the three dimensional “feel” of miniatures that puts you closer to the action, pulls into your role as battlefield commander.

Miniatures games by there nature are generally not solitary games.  Few people have the resources to effectively field large forces, covering both sides, so miniatures gamers tend to be a social lot.  These groups are often collectives of gamers formed around local clubs who have interests in specific periods of time.  It is from just such a collective that Cold Steel and Canister was born.  Many, many, many hours of great fun, head to head battle, cheers of success and cries of anguish have been heard across the table in basements in the Kenosha Wisconsin area during the development playing of CS&C.

If you are not now a miniatures gamer and are interested, seek out a group in your area.  There are a number of great resources for locating these covens of historical or other gamers.  The Historical Military Gamers Society (HMGS) is a one such source.  HMGS is a lose confederation of clubs with many local chapters.  HMGS-East runs three of the largest yearly conventions (Historicon, Fall In, and Cold Wars).  HMGS-Midwest runs Little Wars in the Chicago area.  Check out the HMGS web site for a chapter and events in your area.  There is also Origins and GenCon, two very large gaming convention “institutions” that have been running for decades.   Many retailers host “game days” such as Skip Peterson who has been doing Legends in the Fall/Spring the last couple of years.  Hobby shops with space, like Games Plus in the NW Chicago suburbs have game areas and host groups in their store.  These are all great venues for meeting gamers and joining or forming a gaming group.  So if you are interested, check the Internet for events in your area, look for postings (or create one!) on your local hobby store bulletin board, seek out membership from the larger organizations like HMGS in your area, the opportunities abound for you to find a group of gamers with like interests to get into miniatures!

If you have a local group, host at a hobby shop, a game day or mini-convention, or large convention Decker Games would be happy to provide a link to help spread the word.  Just send a quick note to our webmaster with the details!

Basing your Figures

Mounting your forces is a key decision reflecting the type of games you intend to play.  How many figures per stand?

Fielding your Army

Recreating the national capabilities and composition for your forces.  How do I organize my Divisions, Corps, and Armies?

Get the Lead Out

So you’ve made the leap and are looking to invest in and field a Napoleonic miniatures force.  Where do you start?

Rembrandt or Picasso?

Painting your troops can be a very rewarding experience.  What is the best technique?