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About Us...

Decker Game Company formed as an idea around a set of “home rules” over the course of many years.  The designer of Cold Steel & Canister, Jack Decker, reached out to two area gamers, Bob Buehler and Kevin French, to form the company with the intent to publish and support these rules.  We think CS&C is not only a great set of easy play, hard to master, rules that reflect the subtleties of Napoleonic warfare, but also a great way for us to give back to our hobby. 

At the moment we’re very excited having just released CS&C in early 2008.  We’re now working on expanding the game set with additional scenario and handbooks for 1809.  Watch this web site and a game convention event list for updates and a chance to play or play test our latest releases!

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Your privacy is important to us at Decker Games.  We do not share e-mail addresses or other customer information.  Our eBay store is backed by eBay's privacy guarantees to assure a safe transaction.