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Calendar of Events

Places you can almost always find us...

  • Conventions
    Little Wars - HMGS Midwest event in the early spring                                                                   RockCon - Regional convention hosted in Rockford IL in the fall                                                       Legends in the Fall/Spring - Regional game day held twice a year in Wauconda IL                                        Historicon - HMGS East event in the summer - "the" Mecca of historical gaming...
  • Regular Gaming
    In the Kenosha WI area, most Wednesday nights. 

Upcoming Events - Hope to see you there!

  • Legends in the Spring - Local North Chicago Burbs IL convention hosted by Skip Peterson.  Was in Wauconda, now hosted at Trinity College.
  • Little Wars 2010 - One of the biggest in the Midwest, Lincolnshire (North of Chicago) IL.
  • Historicon 2010 - We will be planning a road trip out East again next year. 
  • Will provide details on the games we get into the schedule when submitted.