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Quality Print-on-Demand - Don Perrin & his partner do a terrific job printing CS&C

Great Places for Research:

Nafzinger—A veritable potpourri of information.  Many periods not just for Napoleonic gamers!

Napoleon, His Army and Enemies—Can not say enough about this site.  A MUST visit for organization, history, tactics, etc…

Napoleonic Guide—High level information.  Leader “snap shot” biographies, miniatures reviews, and more

Peninsular War—Organization & more for the Spanish Ulcer.

Napoleonic Society– Books & links. 

General Information—Gaming:

The Minatures Page (TMP) - Great source for information on all periods

Miniatures Wargaming Site—Wide range of periods and general information.

Miniatures Wargaming—Wide range of periods and general information.  Many links!

War Time Journal—Painting, Mounting, etc..

Wikipedia—You’d be surprised what you can find here… Teugen-Hausen example.

Gamers International - Very active Yahoo Group for gamers of all periods

HMG Magazine - Historical Miniature Gamer Magazine

How to—Painting your Forces:

Painting and Modeling Guide—focus on fantasy but the techniques and hints still apply.

List of Painting Services-General listing

Robert Bowling—Painting Service, you can often find Robert at Midwestern Cons (Little Wars, RockCon, etc..)

What to paint—Painting References:

Histofig—in French but the references speak for themselves…

Valeur et Discipline—Pictures of miniatures we should all aspire to achieve! 

Brigade Napoleon—Re-enactors site.  Some great pictures of period and reproduction uniforms.


Gajo—buy & sell your miniatures on-line.

Hinds Figures—buy & sell your miniatures on-line

Bartertown-buy & sell your miniatures on-line.


Last Square—Great people, great place!  Madison Area

Games Plus-Another great gamer hang out.  Open gaming area.  Mount Prospect (Chicago NW burbs)

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