About Us...

Decker Game Company formed as an idea around a set of “home rules” over the course of many years.  The designer of Cold Steel & Canister, Jack Decker, reached out to two area gamers, Bob Buehler and Kevin French, to form the company with the intent to publish and support these rules.  We think CS&C is not only a great set of easy play, hard to master, rules that reflect the subtleties of Napoleonic warfare, but also a great way for us to give back to our hobby.  We released CS&C in early 2008.  It sold around 300 copies over three separate printings through early 2010, many of those copies being sold Europe (thank you to you overseas gamer friends!) via Noble Knight in England. In 2010 we lost our printer, a fellow gamer who was very accommodating to our many specialty requirements within our design. Unable to find a printer willing to support the game at a price point we thought affordable CSC went out of print.

Fast forward to 2017…we reviewed, revamped, and updated CSC’s layout and design. The game mechanics remain unchanged but simplified the form and format of the rules and supporting game devices. If you own a legacy copy from the first three print runs you will find it works seamlessly with “Cold Steel & Canister - Revised”.

Cold Steel and Canister - Revised Availability

We are currently reviewing Print on Demand (PoD) services with a number of vendors through which we can (re)publish CSC. Watch this web site for details or if you want to be notified of availability send as an e-mail via the “Contact Us” link on this web site so we can provide details as they become available.

Your Privacy...

Your privacy is important to us at Decker Games.  We do not share e-mail addresses or other customer information that you provide to us via this web site or inquiries to us via the contact form on this site.