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Basic Rules

The basic rules provide the concepts and guidelines you need to get started to recreate any Napoleonic engagement.  70+ pages, numerous illustrations, color pictures, player guides with charts neatly categorized and much more!  Includes a basic set of order, morale cubes and objective markers.  Follow the step by step examples and you’ll be playing in no time.

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Austrian & French Player Handbooks

Austrian1809French1809Our players handbooks provide a ready summary of historical information, unit capabilities, and ready reference information for use with the Cold Steel and Canister rules.   Packed with interesting facts, pictures, organizational detail, unit strengths, and morale information.  Handy unit summary card provided for quick reference during play and scenario design.

 Example Page (French Handbook)   Example From Insert (Austrian)     

Scenario Book #1

Scenario180910 Historical scenarios from the 1809 Austrian campaign.  First few scenarios start with small forces and help build understanding of the rules concepts.  Later scenarios graduate to more complex forces, multiple brigades, cavalry, artillery, and infantry for larger games.   Full color layout, detailed orders of battle, with historical background and results.  Includes an example Master Game Map to play the battle of Aspern-Essling!

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Game Charts

Four easy to read “Legal Size” Charts: Movement, Fire, Melee, & Morale.  Color coded and cross referenced with the rules

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