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The Basic Game Package (click pictures above for more information)

  • Basic Rule Book
    70 heavily illustrated pages, color pictures, and play examples 
  • Austrian AND French 1809 Player Handbooks
    12 pages (each) of historical information, organization, and reference information
  • 1809 "Invasion of Bavaria" Scenario Book
    10 historical scenarios for French/Austrian games from 1809 ranging in size and complexity from Brigade on Brigade to larger, combined arms actions
  • One Set of Player Charts  
    2 two sided 8x14 player aid charts                   
  • Starter Set of Playing Accessories
    5 Morale, 3 Artillery, 12 Infantry/Cavalry Order Cubes, 12 Order Covers, 2 French & 2 Austrian Objective Markers


Game Accessories

  • Morale Cubes
    Set of five wooden cubes & stickers
  • Order Cubes (Infantry & Cavalry)
    Set of five wooden cubes, order covers, and stickers
  • Order Cubes (Artillery)
    Set of five wooden cubes, order covers, and stickers
  • Objective Markers - French
    Set of four objective disks & stickers
  • Objective Markers - Austrian
    Set of four objective disks & stickers
  • Command Stands
    Set of three magnetic stands, metal washers, and stickers for Brigade Commanders & Brigade Morale  Miniatures NOT included!

Products Under Development...

French Allies Handbook 1 of 2 for 1809:  Bavaria, Baden, Hessian, Rheinbund

French Allies Handbook 2 of 2 for 1809:  Saxons, Württemberg, Westphalia, Polish

The Peninsula Handbook for 1808-1809:  British, Portuguese, & Spanish

Peninsula Scenario Book