A common misperception is you need 100s of troops, a couple of ping pong tables and an entire day to play a good Napoleonic game, with CS&C this is not true!  A great game can be setup with as little as one to two Brigades on a side on a space not much larger than a card table and played through in less than a couple of hours.  The example below is a French Infantry Brigade with cavalry and artillery support defending a position from a couple of advancing Austrian Brigades with cavalry and artillery support.  Not one of our scenarios provided with the basic rules it demonstrates players can very easily adapt a quick game to the forces at they have on hand.  This game is being played on a Hotz Felt mat with 4" grids silk screened onto one side.  See our grid page for other options in creating grid surfaces for use with CS&C.










Two different views of an Austrian attack on a French position (Church & Orchard).  You can see that the two flank Austrian Infantry Battalions have charged and made contact with the defending French units in the Church (Top/Left side) and Orchard (Bottom/Right side).  In the French center you see two Battalions in line, one is sharing it's square with a battery which is positioned "forward" in the square the other line has it's skirmish company deployed to screen the unit.  On the Austrian side we see a battery in the center and to the battery's left a Jager Battalion in Skirmish formation.  On both Austrian flanks additional infantry units are moving up to reinforce the attacks.



On the far side of the church, out of view in the pictures above we see two Regiments of Austrian Cavalry, the left in line, the right in echelon right formation squaring off against two regiments of French cavalry.  The left regiment is mostly cut from our view while the right regiment can be seen in double line formation.