We've had a few requests for close up shots of the Grid system so have added this page.  Chances are many of you, like I was when Jack introduced this concept to me a few few years ago, are hesitant about "Grids" on your game table.  The observations we often hear at conventions once gamers have seen this in action include:

- "speeds up play"    "not the distraction I thought it could be"    "unobtrusive"   "novel approach"  

In fairness I'll also repeat the one negative comment that was given to me - "cluttered".   The CS&C systems which uses cubes for orders and morale can indeed give your battle a cluttered look if you don't do a bit of nominal house keeping during play... a key activity is cubes should be removed from the board when actions points are expended.  This not only keeps a "tidy" look to the game but also aids in play - clearly indicating to friend and foe you've completed actions for that unit.










Eric Hotz's game mats are first rate.  You can get them directly from his site or we to try to maintain a limited stock on hand at our site.  Above is both a close up and then a freshly rolled out mat - this one was fresh out of the shipping roll from Eric and has not yet 'relaxed' back to smooth look.  This is the 72"x45" "Green Earth" version.  The reverse side does not contain the silk screened squares.












Above is a "home made" game mat using the back side of 6'x6' piece of a thin brown carpet remnant.  A bit of brown paint of various colors were smeared about for the base to give it some texture then an indelible marker was used to note the grid corners.  In this case letter/numbers were also stenciled on but you can easily use the downloadable #s on the web site versus going to this extreme.  Just marking the corners is more than sufficient to support CS&C play and could be done an existing felt mat - just plan to finish before you get too far into the adult refreshments to keep your lines straight!











Here are some close up shots of a standard felt mat you might find in any hobby or fabric store with light colored corner markers for the grids.  At a general glance they are not very noticeable.  However, when conducting game play it is still easy to quickly discern the square boundaries, the facing of your units, and terrain within each of the squares.











Both a close up and a "field of battle" view of Hotz Mat in action.  Eric uses a slightly darker green for crosses & lines to show a square versus just a cross in our home made mats above.  The line he uses is not so dark nor heavy that is detracts from the overall look of the game.  Very nice - note these mats are also fully 'relaxed' from storage and have a nice flat look.

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