Little Wars 2009 - Tournament

At Little Wars we again ran a rules "Boot Camp" and single elimination Tournament as both proved to be popular events at RockCon.  The boot camp allowed attendees to walk up, play 4-6 turns of a small scenario.  We ran the boot camp on two tables (four games) for about six hours in the morning and early afternoon.  This allowed gamers to get a quick feel for the rules if they were interested or familiarize them if they wanted to play in the tournament, or both!  The format was well received with over a dozen gamers going through the boot camp.  In the evening we ran the tournament from 6pm until conclusion (about 11), with six players and three rounds.












Round 1 - Chris & Kevin square off around the "Orchard Board" with French and Saxons, Steve & Tom maneuver around the "Hamlet Board" with French & Prussians, and Bill and Steve slug it out around on the "City Board" with French & Austrians








Round 2 - Steve & Chris are back on the "City Board" with French & British units...








Champion Round - Steve & Steve go at it on the "Farm House" board with Bavarians and British.









Jack & Steve - The Little Wars 2009 CS&C Champion with his "big honk'n" trophy!