RockCon 2008

At RockCon we ran a rules "Boot Camp" and single elimination Tournament.  The boot camp allowed attendees to walk up, play 4-6 turns of a small scenario.  We ran the boot camp on three tables for about three hours in the morning.  This allowed gamers to get a quick feel for the rules if they were interested or familiarize them if they wanted to play in the tournament, or both!  The format was well received with almost a dozen gamers going through the boot camp and six playing in the afternoon tournament. 



















Tournament players included:  Tom Tolliver, Chris, Randy Spence, Steve Pintur, William Petersen, and David Buehler. 












Tables/terrain was preset on three tables, participants randomly drew for tables and opponents.  Forces were secretly selected from a predetermined point listing (Tournament Force List).  All the games were exceptionally well played and ran the gamut from quick and bloody to games of maneuver.  In the end David persevered over Tom by the slimiest of margins in the final round.

This format proved so popular we will be repeating it during Little Wars 2009!  Check out the PEL to see when we are running the boot camp and Tournament for you chance to seek the coveted CS&C Cup.  In addition, we are planning a LARGE game for Little Wars, look forward to seeing you there!!!